EVOLUTIONARY AVADHUTA HINDU CONSCIOUSNESS: Weighing The Pros and Cons of Agreement to Using the Military/Retributive/ Expulsion/Arrest/Court/Police/Sherriff/Law Enforcement/Jail/Prison System vs. Using Agreement With the Dialog System Design/Restorative Justice/Transformative Justice/Indigenous Justice Approach

Attitude of Gratitude from Nisenan Native American Territory in the Colonial Border Called Nevada City, Kalifornia

Attitude of Gratitude from Nisenan Native American Territory in the Colonial Boder called Grass Valley, Kalifornia

Attitude of Gratitude from Winnemem Wintu Indigenous Tribal Country in the Colonial Border Called Redding, Kalifornia

Public Letter to Amma, MA Centers, Vidyasagar, and all the Male Integrated Amrita Meditation Teachers in Turtle Island (North America) United Sadhus of Awareness (USA)

A United Sadhus of Awareness Protocol for Dissolving Conflict and Ceasing All Hostilities

The Attitude of Gratitude From Mount Shasta!!!

CO-GROUP WITHIN DEVI MANDIR SADHU FAMILY: Invitation to Join The 5 Fingered Tribe of Universal Humanity in The Nothing Mandir Sadhu Co-Family

Peacefully & Strongly Stating My Healthy Boundaries With OUR Devi Mandir Sadhu Family Without Allowing The Politics of Colonial Court/Colonial Police

Nothing Baba Is Seeking A 1000 Year Old Vikalpaka Sravaṇa Mandir (Transformational Living Temple) To Consciously Co-Create Interfaith Harmony Satsang Centered Around Avadhuta Sat Guru Shree Maa, His Holiness Avadhuta Swami Satyananda Saraswati, and ALL The Amazing Teachers of Shreehariananda Saraswati

Summary of Sanskrit Puja Book Projects that Avadhuta Shreehariananda Saraswati is Currently Working On to Serve The United Sadhus of Awareness (USA) Dialog System Design Agreement